Our Work

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) has one mission: to grow organic sales in the UK. We work in four areas:

  • Consumers: communicating the benefits of organic via long term integrated promotion campaigns
  • Members: sharing your news, advising & helping your business where its needed, working with you to grow the market
  • Trade: working with all retail channels to promote organic products
  • Government & other bodies: aligning policy, legislation & other bodies  in support of organic

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The Organic, Naturally Different campaign is all about communicating the benefits of organic to consumers. Our cartoon-style advertising campaign highlights the differences between organic & non-organic products in a humorous and easily understood way. The adverts depict dairy, vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and chocolate.

They have appeared on major retailers on-line sites and across the London. Our impact survey shows 35% of organic shoppers recalled seeing one of the adverts and that 64% of organic shoppers believe the campaign will be effective in getting more people to buy organic. The campaign won a prestigious MAA Best award for Best Advertising Led Campaign.

Why not join over 50 companies who have already pledged to the campaign?


Our members range from the biggest organic brands and national supermarkets to smaller organic businesses but the one thing that unites us all is our aim to see organic sales thrive in the UK.

We help our members by providing a welcome pack with consumer insights, negotiating great deals at trade shows, co-ordinating positive PR and by spreading important industry news via our monthly newsletters. Catherine Fookes, Campaign Manager, and Paul Moore, Chair of the OTB can also offer members advice, contacts and help where its needed.

Our members also make up our elected Committee who meet quarterly to direct and monitor our work.


We work with all retail channels across the UK to promote organic products, provide them with tools they can use to promote organic in-store or on-line and to present an industry view on organic issues.

Government & Other Bodies

Our work in this area is centred around growing the organic market but we lobby government on relevant issues and the OTB is a member of the UK Organic Policy Forum. Our aim is to ensure that the word 'organic' is properly regulated and organic integrity is protected. Our aim is also to ensure other bodies working in this area are supportive of organic.