The Organic Trade Board (OTB)

was set up in 2009 to bring the efforts of the organic industry together to increase sales of organic and now represent over 150 brands and organisations. Our main remit is to communicate the benefits of organic via our annual consumer marketing campaign, and our Organic UK consumer channels.

We work closely with the English Organic Forum (EOF) and have adopted their manifesto as our guideline.

We also work with our members, partner organisations, government and other bodies to further our vision outlined in our Strategic Plan.

We do this by representing our members’ voices within government and other key decision making bodies, as well as providing a platform for the organic community to engage with each other to encourage collaboration, partnerships and networking.

Or vision is clear: Make Organic An Everyday Choice. Forever.

Working Together

Our members play an active role in everything that we do – they are basis of the Board of Directors and all of our committees and working groups.

We currently have two committees and two working groups that are formed by members:

  • Marketing Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Retailer Engagement Group
  • Organic Textile Group

These working groups have been developed through feedback from our membership and we are planning on setting up a Beauty and Wellbeing group in the near future, as well as considering suggestions for further working groups.

We work with key groups including:

  • Consumers: communicating the benefits of organic via long term integrated marketing campaigns
  • Members: sharing your news, advising & helping your business where it’s needed, working with you to grow the market
  • Trade: working with all retail channels to promote organic products
  • Government & other bodies: aligning policy, legislation & other bodies  in support of organic