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Since its inception in 2009 when the market was down 12.9%, the OTB has worked with one sole aim: To increase organic sales. It does this through its consumer marketing campaign: Organic Naturally Different and by supporting and promoting member's products and services via social media.

We have 150+ members, representing over 75% of the UK organic market. Members include major retailers, indie retailers, processors, feed producers, veggie boxes, big and small brands, organic certifiers and publishers.

From Abel and Cole to Yeo Valley with major retailers such as Marks and Spencer, Ocado, Sainsbury's Tesco and Waitrose, independent stores including As Nature Intended and Whole Foods Market, we work with all our members to grow organic.


Key Benefits of joining

Here at the OTB we truly believe we can make a positive difference to our members businesses. Whether it's through our consumer marketing, groundbreaking consumer research, communications and support. With an experienced team that have a great depth of knowledge, we can help you.

Membership is bursting with benefits and costs only £400 per year, for:

  • Access to OTB Intelligence Unit - comprising 7 staff
  • Access to knowledgeable suppliers - 150 members and growing
  • Help build the organic market: +7.1 and growing
  • Independent partner with the answers to build organic sales, processing and distribution
  • Access to our consumer data
  • Access to our Annual Briefing (£150 to non members)
  • Monthly newsletter full of industry news & your news!
  • Member's login area on website with downloadable resources 
  • Listing on our website
  • Industry representation
  • Support and guidance for start up businesses

If you would like to join please click the button below or email us to find out more. 

Join Us - Let's grow organic together


Tracey Mattock, Marketing Manager, Greenvale

"The OTB have been invaluable. We were really delighted to be involvedwith #OrganicUnboxed with our potatoes and have the chance to work with bloggers. Even if you are an unbranded product, you can get involved in the OTB's campaign. We did and it's really paid off."

Tina Moore, Organic Brand Manager, Tesco

"We were delighted to work with the OTB to deliver our 7,500 #OrganicUnboxed recipe packs to customers. It's the first time we have worked with bloggers for this type of activity. The feedback was excellent. We've had people engaging with our customer services to say thank you and lots of positive social media engagement."

Nadia Morse, Marketing Manager at Doves Farm

"We were delighted to be part of the Madeleine Shaw #OrganicUnboxed film with the OTB this year. With the views of the film being over 1.5m, it's helped boost our brand recognition and tell the story behind the benefits of organic. We are really pleased with the impressions and engagement Doves Farm has had with the campaign.”

Lynette Sinclair, Managing Director of Tideford

"The OTB team sent our new Miso paste to 11 top bloggers as part of the #OrganicUnboxed challenge. It's now been tried and tested and had rave reviews from them. The OTB has been invaluable in both helping the right people know about our new product - for example getting us into Stylist Magazine - and reaching more people with their 90k plus social media following.”

Louis Smith, Marketing Executive, Social & content Creation at Yeo Valley

"I saw the concept of the OrganicUnboxed film and thought we could have some fun with it. It's a great campaign and it was very easy to make a simple film that reflected our brand. We've been really pleased with the film - so far it's had 5k+ views and counting.”

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