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Oak Award T&Cs


Oak Award general terms and conditions

  1. Nominations are open to any member of the public.
  2. The 2018 Oak Award will be given entirely at the discretion of the OTB and the judging panels. There is no public vote.
  3. There is no entry fee to nominate or to be considered for the award.
  4. Only 1 Oak award will be given in 2018.
  5. The chair of the Judges 2018 is Adrian Blackshaw, OTB Chairman.
  6. You may request more information by emailing:

Nominee criteria

  1. Nominees must be based in the UK,Channel Islands or Isle of Man.The nominee must be an individual and not a group of people, organisation or similar.
  2. The nominee’s work must have been or have the potential to be of national significance.
  3. The nominator considers that the nominees work is a beacon of excellence and innovation.
  4. The work for which the nominee is nominated need not have taken place within the previous year.
  5. To be taken forward to the judging stage,nominees must receive a minimum of 2 nominations. Details pertaining to any nominee that has received only 1 nomination by the closing date, will be deleted at that time and the nominee will not be asked to accept the nomination.
  6. Nominees must accept the nomination by email within one week of being informed. 
  7. All records pertaining to nominations that have not been accepted or that have not been passed to the judging panel will be permanently deleted.


  1. Nominators and nominees must be over 18 years of age
  2. Any individual or organisation may nominate, any individual meeting the minimum nominee criteria.
  3. An individual may not nominate themselves.
  4. Nominators may nominate as many nominees as they like but may only nominate each nominee once.
  5. Nominators must supply their name and minimal but sufficient contact details
  6. Nominators will not be asked for and should not share the personal data of nominees without their written permission and should include only the publicly available (work) contact details of the nominee when completing the nomination form.

General Information about the process

  1. Only 1 award will be given, which will be presented to the winner at the award ceremony scheduled for 25thOctober 2018.
  2. 3 nominees will be shortlisted from all the accepted nominations. 
  3. All nominations must be submitted electronically via
  4. All nominations must be in English and received by midnight on 30th September 2018.
  5. The organisers will not be responsible for nominations that may be lost or filed in an incorrect or unreadable format.
  6. The organisers reserve the right to verify the information provided in each submission if required.
  7. In the event of any disputes or issues, the decision made by the judges shall be deemed final. The organisers will not be obliged to justify their decisions or enter into any correspondence.  
  8. The 2018 shortlisting panel will be made up of a minimum of 8 senior managers and trustees of the OTB and the ORC.
  9. The panel making the final decision as to who should be awarded the 2018 Oak Award will be made up a minimum of 4 directors and senior managers of the OTB and ORC.


  1. Entrants Nominatorsmay mark any information contained in their entry as ‘not for publication’
  2. If Judges are deemed to have a conflict of interest with nominated individuals, they will not be part of the judging process for the award. This will be monitored by the Chair of the judging panel.
  3. The organisers reserve the right to use information contained in the winning entries (apart from contact details and any content marked ‘not for publication’) for subsequent publicity, promotions and other activities relating to the Awards. 
  4. All personal data will be stored and used in accordance with the Organic Trade Board Privacy Policy, see here.
  5. Any nominees who receive less than 2 votes will have their nomination data deleted permanently.